Owner’s Representation   We provide quality representation to ensure your interests are kept at the heart of every part of the project by coordinating and managing contractual relationships. Diligent pre-construction planning and foresight are paramount in value engineering which results in reclaimed project capital throughout the duration of your project. Decades of experience in government regulations, environmental issues and acquisition lead times decrease risks and keep your budget in check.

Project Management   The CKSA team provides full-service project management with fewer layers of management and a wide-ranging variety of techniques developed and proven to maximize cost savings, increase efficiency and timeliness, and provide our clients superiority in service and satisfaction. Recognition of the fundamental fact that every project presents unique challenges and opportunities permits CKSA to tailor its management approach to meet the individual needs of our clients, participants, the funding agency, concerned community groups and the public in general.

Grant Application   Successful grant writing requires a clear understanding of the principles, fundamentals and the target so the appropriate language can be used and the complex application submitted in a timely manner. CKSA has years of experience to finely tune their skills of securing grant monies and resources to aid and assist organizations in funding and completing projects that benefit the public.

Grant Administration   To properly administer a grant, CKSA is ever vigilant to remain current with changes in the field and new processes and procedures. We help you adhere to the terms of the grant and ensure that follow-up procedures are taken proper care of, critical dates and payments are monitored and recorded. We verify payment records, study financial reports, review invoices and record receipts.

Construction Management   From budget development and analysis to contract development and review, CKSA’s strong negotiating skills and proficient document knowledge are crucial in the construction process of your project. Hands-on daily monitoring of each step of the construction process ensures quality assurance and control of change orders with cost effective alternatives, payment applications for work and materials equal to the current equity of your project, and a closeout that meets or beats strict deadlines and budget constraints.

Labor Compliance   Every one of our projects requires our commitment of ensuring the strict enforcement of State and Federal Labor Laws and Prevailing Wage Laws. We monitor contractor contracts, certified payroll records, conduct Davis-Bacon interviews and represent clients at the Labor Commissioners Board audits. Our focus is to protect the employees working on these projects and provide an equal employment environment free of harassment and discrimination.

Community Outreach   The public can be one’s greatest advocate or their harshest adversary. If your project focuses on issues that impact neighborhoods and community groups, CKSA can help you put together an outreach program to educate and inform the public and to turn attitudes into actions. Whether you need to avoid opposition to a controversial project or build community support for it, CKSA can help shift opinion and set in motion the supportive action you need.

Sound Insulation Programs   CKSA was the first U.S. firm to devote their expertise and forge a path for sound insulation management. The firm has successfully managed hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants and has provided sound insulation project management and advisory services for international and regional transportation agencies.